CAAS Establishes Diverse Committee to Develop Consensus Based Ground Ambulance Vehicle Standards

For Immediate Release

Glenview, IL (March 19, 2014) — The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) is establishing a Vehicle Standards Committee to develop consensus based ground ambulance vehicle standards called GVS-2015.

The following guiding principles will be applied to the Ground Ambulance Vehicle Standards as they are developed and maintained:

  • Helps ensure highest level of safety for patient, provider and community at large
  • Promotes the quality of ambulance design
  • Supports and enhances the quality of patient care and safe patient movement
  • Incorporates performance based design concepts
  • Supports efficient emergency medical services (EMS) operations
  • Inclusion of emerging relevant technologies
  • Encourages analysis of cost versus benefits of standards

CAAS has invited a broad-based committee of leaders in the ambulance field to represent the stakeholders of the industry and function through a consensus process. This committee includes EMS manufacturers, providers and users along with safety experts, among others. The estimated timeline for the completion of the initial Ground Ambulance Vehicle Standards is January 2015 with its first meeting being held in Washington D.C. the last week of March..

A transport ambulance vehicle is a vital piece of equipment for ambulance service providers throughout the country. Protecting the safety of patients, providers and the community through the development and administration of any national EMS vehicle standards is essential.

Ambulance Vehicle Standards have been historically promulgated by the Federal Government through the General Services Administration (GSA) purchasing standard KKK-A-1822F.  Originally published in 1974, the specification became the de facto general standard for the purchasing and manufacturing of ambulances through the United States, used by both public and private sector providers. The Federal Government has decided that it will no longer maintain the KKK Standard after September 2015.

About CAAS: CAAS is a nonprofit organization that accredits Ambulance Services in North America. CAAS has created standards for the operation of ambulance services, for both the public and private sector. These ambulance operating standards are highly regarded, and many states have adopted them for purposes of inspection and certification. The CAAS Standards are considered to be the Gold Standards in North America. More information at

For more information, please contact: Sarah McEntee, Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services, at 847-657-6828 or

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