What are the advantages of CAAS?

CAAS accreditation is designed to help EMS agencies increase organizational performance and efficiency, increase clinical quality, and decrease risk and liability. Accreditation provides a template for making comprehensive organization changes that improve the overall performance of the organization. An independent review validates that accredited agencies are adhering to the highest standards in the industry.


Patients (and your community)
Accreditation assures your patients that the service has met the Commission’s high standard for quality patient care and that the service stands ready to care for their families if needed.

Local Officials
Accreditation assures local officials that your service has undergone careful scrutiny by an independent review process. In future years, many local officials are expected to require ambulance accreditation.

Medical Community
Your medical community can be confident that your service is providing quality patient care in accordance with nationally-accepted standards. Ambulance accreditation is also important because of the important role you play in the health care team.

Ambulance Service
Your ambulance service will receive the recognition it deserves for its outstanding achievements. Your staff will be proud to be affiliated with a service which has met the Commission’s high standards. Accreditation may also provide you with a competitive advantage particularly when marketing your service.