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The CAAS standards guarantee high quality in all aspects of ambulance service operation while recognizing creativity and individuality in the way those standards are met.

David Habben

Seeking CAAS accreditation seemed to be a natural extension of our commitment to providing a higher level of emergency medical services to our communities and our patients. The accreditation process has served as the single most effective way of educating our managers and field staff of the need to continually View Full →

Scott A. Moore, Esq.

CAAS is not the cheapest way to be in the ambulance business. It’s the RIGHT way! Every member of our organization believes this stronger now than ever before.

Donald Lee McCown, Jr.

The value of CAAS Accreditation for the Henderson Fire Department cannot be fully described, other than stating that it is our “secret weapon” to meeting the continuous challenge of excellence. The standards help us to ensure that we are consistently meeting or exceeding the highest expectations of our citizens and View Full →

Scott Vivier

HEMSI uses accreditation to validate to our community we are meeting the standards that will make a difference for our patients. We have experienced a significant benefit internally from the process helping us investigate and appraise ourselves in our operation. We have developed consistency in our processes and refined them View Full →

Jon Howell

We believe there is great value in having an external party who is well versed in the best practices of EMS put us through our paces. We are a very process oriented organization and find that the CAAS accreditation audit is a great way to ensure our processes are functioning View Full →

Joe Penner

Through CAAS accreditation EMS agencies are optimally positioned to address the innumerable challenges facing EMS today. This includes tough issues such as risk management, legal requirements, fiscal accountability, and patient safety. CAAS accreditation tells the community that your EMS agency cares enough to meet the “Gold Standard”.

Kathy J. Rinnert, MD, MPH, FACEP